Computer Recycling New York


Mission Statement

Our mission is to reduce the amount of electronic waste produced every year while at the same time increasing the amount of electronics reused and recycled every year. We seek to improve our process constantly; yielding higher recoveries of working components and increasing the value of any residuals through our network of Responsible Recycling (R2) and Environmental Steward (E-Steward) partners.

Our Pledge to the Environment

Improperly disposing of electronics can lead to the release of a whole host of toxic heavy metals into our drinking water. Recycling electronics properly reduces carbon emissions, recover valuable raw materials and creates jobs in local economies. We at EWR are committed to not only reducing our carbon footprint but are working to actively off-set emissions elsewhere by funding global reforestation efforts. We are actively supporting One Tree Planted whose team can turn a single dollar donation into a planted tree in four major regions of the globe.

Quality, Health and Safety

At EWR, Inc we are committed to only producing high-quality tested and refurbished products. Customers can feel confident because of our thorough testing process and robust, no-hassle warranty. In conjuction with these product quality standards, we strive to provide a safe, healthful and happy work environment for those employed at our facility that meet or exceed industry standards.


By using EWR for your electronics recycling and refurbishing needs, you are accessing our network of responsible recyclers, data security professionals and logistics specialists. All of our operations and that of our partners comply with relevant environmental, legal and data security legislation guidance and requirements. We are a NYSDEC Registered Electronics Recycling Facility and work only with certified entities to ensure materials are never mishandled.