Computer Recycling New York

About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to extend the lifecycle of computers and electronics through a cradle to grave approach. We assess the products value to determine the most efficient and responsible recycling method. We attempt to refurbish as many products as possible adding years to their working life. If refurbishment is not economical, we salvage working components and recycle any residuals through our network of Responsible Recycling (R2) and Environmental Steward (E-Steward) partners.

Our Company

Our company grew out of the need to address the growing global Electronic Waste problem. We provide a service that diverts as many materials away from the waste stream as possible. We aim to increase the life cycle of the product. This reduces the demand for new resources acquired through very intensive means as well as minimizing the cost to the public to recycle the potentially hazardous components.

Our Process

EWR, Inc can provide a wealth of services to you regard recycling your electronics. Click here to learn more about our how we refurbish and recyle your electronics.